Believe in yourself

We are all born with Talents and we all know what we are good at. Every one of us has been gifted differently. The trick is to believe in yourself. It is not enough to believe in God and not believe in yourself.

I know that the world is very good at bitting us down into thinking that whatever we do will never be good enough or because of where you come from you can never amount to anything. This is a lie. We have all been made for a purpose it is up to us to be bold and do what needs to be done.

It is not enough to believe in God and not believe in yourself. We need to always remember one thing that when God created Adam and Eve, He walked with them in the garden. This reveals to me that God jointly worked with Adam and Eve, well of course up until they disobeyed but that is a subject for another day but up until then, they were successful and living a life of Heaven here on earth.

Another example is Abraham, remember how Abraham left his fathers house because God asked him to. I am pretty sure Abraham believed in God but I do not think he would have left the only life he ever knew in his old age if he did not believe in himself. But this action required courage.

There are two forces at work, the creator and the creation. The Creator definitely knows what you are capable of because he made you but because he gave you free will he can not force you to do what you do not want to do or force you to do what you do not have courage for. Any other voice that brings doubts and lack of confidence is not one to be entertained one least bit. If you want to get somewhere in life you need to be able to rise above negativity.

Once you believe in yourself and you partner with God nothing can stop you. Just always remember this, God believes in you. The trick is to “just believe”, believe in you and in Him.

“What is impossible with men, is possible with God”


I am not a big fan of boxing but I have seen enough to know the gist of the game. How two opponents get into a boxing match and throw punches at each other and how they best try and protect themselves using their hands and arms to hide their faces from the impact of the punches and all.

The world has its own way of throwing punches at us. It is as if when we are still trying to recover from the previous punch another one comes out of the blue. When we were born we were born free and ready to take over the world and believing that we can do anything but because life is full of challenges we end up building walls trying to protect our selves.

It seems as if some where along the path of life whatever we do does not seem to work out the way we expect or want it to. You try a relationship it does not work out, you try a business the same results. The list goes on and on. As the world fights you at every back and corner that freedom you were born with begins to shrink, it gets smaller and smaller until the real you no longer exists.

Before you know it you have built huge walls around you that no one can get passed to get to know the real you, even you end up not recognizing yourself. These walls are fear, insecurity, anger, defensiveness, bitterness, hatred, the list goes on and on.

I can relate to these walls because I have been through some of them, like for one; I was afraid of getting married again after my divorce, this was one of the walls I built to protect myself from the hurt and disappointment I went through.

To bring down these walls is hard work because i needed to recognize that they do exist and that i need help. Remember how i talked about the boxing game and how punches are thrown at one another, to make sure the game is fare there is a referee too in all rounds of the game.

Now bringing this to real life, if we lived by the truth to begin with we would not have to go throw these punches in life without our great referee, His name is Jesus Christ. If we want to be the best we can be we need to depend on Him in all we do. He long took these punches for us when He gave His life at the cross.

Life will always throw punches at us but if we have Jesus on our side we won’t have to build up walls that make us timid and eventually malfunction in life. Because all power and authority has been given to Him in Heaven and on earth, there is no punch that can give you a (TKO). Make Him your one and only referee,

“We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.”

God has a sense of humor

A few days ago I got up in the morning and decided I was going to take my walk for the day earlier than usual. These are walks I take in the afternoon just so my new born daughter and I get some fresh air and a little bit of excersise.

Now for some reason I just had to go out early this particular day, what my beautiful daughter and I will do is walk over to the center and just get a few bits and pieces. As I am wheeling the pram and all I can not buy a whole lot.

There we were in a certain shop and from a distance I saw a close friend , do not get me wrong I love this particular friend but because I left the house so early this particular day my house was not in order. I had a set time, that I was going to be there for only a few minutes then head back home and get cracking on my house chores. So in a split second I made a choice to quickly walk the opposite direction.

I knew if I was going to stop and say hi then I would be stuck for a couple more hours and this was time I did not have. So I wheeled my daughter to another shop and you will not believe this. As we were getting ready to just about live, gues  who was right in front of us, the very same relation I tried to avoid. This time we were face to face pram and all.

Almost a head on collision we were, I still had a chance to take cover though, but a voice inside of me said not to. I am pretty sure I heard the very same voice when I decided to go the other direction earlier but this time around I surrendered, I gave up.

I definitely acknowledged her presence and she was so happy to see me. It was as if she just needed someone to just be there. All of a sudden my schedule did not matter anymore, she seemed to be in need of a friend.

We make our own little plans for the day but God also has His own plans for us. Every morning before anything I have my one on one with God. How He can use me and depend on me, when the opportunity arises for Him to use me sometimes I am just caught up in my own little world, about how this needs to be done and that.

Two hours later we parted ways and as I looked back at the hide and seek game I was playing and God did not let me off the hook that easy, I laughed at myself and my silly behavior. This is what I said to God, “You must have a sense of humor”.

Look around you there is someone in need of just a simple hello. Do not just pass them by. Care enough to care.

Have a blessed day!

Your worth

Do you not find it funny that as human beings we tend to define ourselves with what we poses, when in actual fact when we were born we came into this world with nothing. Not even a set of clothes and yet for some reason when we become of age we tend to think we are just not good enough.

Now please do not misunderstand me, we all have to be comfortable, have a good place to sleep, healthy  food to eat and so on and so forth but all these do not have to define your entire existence.

I remember years ago after my divorce, i felt as if life as I knew it was over. I was really and truely defined by what I possessed until one morning life as I knew it did not exist anymore. I was devastated, I felt so small that the only thing that kept me going was the love for my two children.

I was a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur just to mention a few. But when it all came to a head all these titles did not carry much weight. Without them, I know it is sad to say but I was empty, I felt so small.

To fill up this unexplainable desire of me knowing that there had to be more out there for me than what was, I thought pocessing things and titles would give me self worth but on the contrary the opposite happened, I lost it all and there I was again, back to square one, with nothing.

See what we need to understand is that we are spiritual beings living in physical bodies, the day we come to the realization of this fact then we are half way there. For a very long time I knew there had to be more to life than what was but I just could not put my finger on it.

As everything that is created or made here on earth has a creator, we also have a creator. He knows the ins and outs of life, He knows us and He knows each our purpose. I found my worth when I found Him, now to know Him we need to first understand that He is Spirit. That is why He says, “praise me in spirit and in truth”.

God is the only one who can define who you really are, He is a giver of all the beautiful pleasures life has to offer. If we seek Him with all our heart and mind we will find Him. He fills up the empty space that never made sense and begins to make you realize that no matter what the world says and no matter how the world try’s to beat you down in His eyes you are of great value.

“Do you not know that you have been bought at a price”.

The price was so high, no one can even put a number on it. This my brother and sister is your worth. No amount of silver or gold can buy you because you are PRICELESS!


A loss of any kind can be devastating. The mistake we make as people is that if we cannot relate to the pain the other person is going through, we tend to compare the magnitude of the loss. When in actual fact pain is pain no matter the magnitude.

A few years ago my husband and I went through a loss, a miscarriage. We were devastated. I must confess this is one of those losses I had heard women talk about and I just could not relate in any shape or form. I was ignorant and oblivious of the extent of the hurt and pain someone might be going through.

I have a loving, generous, bubbly  and beautiful spirited sister ever, Ms Tshepo Patience Gaborone and I love her dearly, wait did I mention beautiful? just kidding.But I specifically remember my young sister,having a miscarriage the first time she was trying for her first baby and honestly speaking I did not comfort her the way a loving sister should have.

To me this was just one of those things women go through every month. Until the message hit home and I went through the same thing. I remember a friend just coldly saying to me “well I didn’t know you guys were trying to have a baby”. That very statement was like someone rubbing salt on a fresh wound. I did not believe I just heard another woman ignorantly just say such a thing. Then the message hit home, I was reminded of how I disregarded my sister’s hurt and pain at the time of her miscarriage. Of course I confessed, and gave my sister a call to explain and apologize for not being able to be there when she needed me the most.

This taught me that no matter how insignificant, small or less of a pain we might think another person might be going through, it is still just that ‘PAIN’. Now we might not be able to relate to the other person’s tragedy but one mistake we must never make, is try and give wieight to the loss one might be experiencing.

If you can not relate to the loss the best you can do is just be there, you do not even have to say much but just you being there means the world. I remember my mother in law at the time of my loss she bought me beautiful white daisies and I swear just that gesture made a huge difference.

“Love your neighbor as you love yourself”

Have a blessed day!


I remember when I was young girl just short of my teenage age years, whenever mum was in the kitchen she would have me cut the vegetables just to her liking. Every time I was in the kitchen with her she seemed to introduce something different. One day I could be clearing the counter tops, another day I would be washing the used up bowls and cutlery in the sink. This went on until I was capable of cooking a full meal for the family all by myself.

Even though I did all this, I did it with a face on me. I just did not understand why mum had to put me through all this when she could do it all by herself. I would be in the kitchen mumbling to myself, words of why can she not do it by herself flauded my mind. See when you are a child all you see is the here and now, the future is no where near.

This is what our Father in Heaven does, as a Father He knows what the future holds for us, so He prepares us. He lets us go through deserts that sometimes we wonder, why me? when the real question should really be, why not me?

Before we were, He was, He knew us before we were born. So we will have certain situations that He lets us experience and these are to equip us for the future.

We tend to think that God calls us at certain time but I think He long called because if He knew us before we were born then He always had a purpose for us. That’s why He says “we are fearfully and wonderfully made”.

Remember how mum prepared me for the kitchen, for life in general. Mum knew that I would need the skill she was imparting in me. She knew that one day I would be a grown women with my own family and so I needed to acquire the skill of cooking. If our earthly parents know all this, how about the one that created us?

I know when we go through trials the flesh cry’s out because we all want to be comfortable but if we just hold and adhere to His word He will never fail us. When one day you wake up and the penny drops and you realize that He is calling you, when in actual fact He long called you, everything else was just a preparation, then everything falls into place. But the ball is in our court for Him to approve us.

“Many are called but few are chosen”

Have a blessed day🙏


Today I just want to be thankful. I woke up this morning and life as I know it was still intact. Everything was the way I expected it to be. Not everyone has the opportunity to live a life of peace, joy and security as we all do and not everyone woke up today.

I know there are goals we want to achieve, places we want be, that said life is a journey and if we keep pressing on we will get there eventually. One thing we should never forget to do is live in the moment.

Look around and see the miracles that God placed right before our eyes, let us stop complaining about the weather and this and that. Make the best of it.

I am greatful that I woke up today and my knees were still intact for me to go down and say a prayer. That I still have my hands for me to raise them up to Heaven and ask God to bless all that I touch. I am greatful I woke up with a voice to be able to speak to those around me. I am greatful I woke up and my family was still there. I am greatful we all woke up in good health. I am greatful to be alive. Life is a precious gift.

“In everything give thanks for this is the will of the Father for you”.

That said, thank you Lord!

Our Countenance

Is it not strange that we are defined by what we have. This world has no time to know the character of a person anymore. All people seem to be interested in what they can acquire and the more they have the more they want. Now don’t get me wrong there is absolutely nothing wrong with having stuff but the stuff should not have us.

A few days ago we were under lock and key (house arrest) because of the bad weather (snow storm ⛈) the first day of the storm was great, spending time with family (snow fights) and very excited as it was our first snow experience. The second day we decided just to stay in and play a game of Monopoly as the weather was getting worse.

The kids brought the game out and the game began, as we went on my son bought his property and built his hotels, he was ahead of the game. His countenance built up in a positive way because of what he managed to accumulate in the game. As soon the game changed and things were not going his way his countenance went down hill. Now mind you this was only a game, let’s now relate this to life.

When all is going well and we accumulate all these materialistic stuff we tend to think that they define who we are when in actual fact if we have Jesus in our life wether or not we have these things it should not really rob us of pure joy and peace that the Lord offers when we are rested in Him.

My son took it to heart that even trying to explain that it was just a game was not good enough. He could not rest in the joy and peace that we were offering him, to know that even though he lost everything his countenance should be based on the fact that as his family we are still there,support and encourage him.

Our Lord said “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all else will follow”.

If we seek Him first then we will not be so attached to the pleasures of this world. Rest your countenance in Him for He is our shield.

Have a blessed day 🙏

He says He will never live nor forsake us

I was going through my FB account and it was one of my friends birthday. I took one glance at the birthday reminder and quickly moved onto something else, moments later I went back in to check my FB account again that reminder came up again and this nagging feeling that I should post a happy birthday came over. Now those that know me know that this has been my greatest challenge in life, celebrating birthdays has never been one one of my strong suites. It is just a weakness I have been working on through the women’s Self Help Challenges  from my local church.

It was a Godlywood meeting yesterday and my friend came up to me to give her gratitude about how special I made her feel on her birthday. She went to express how I was the only one who sent her a happy birthday.Then it dawned on me, I did not send it, I was just a vessel for God to use in letting her know that she was greatly loved and that she was special to Him and never alone.

I unfolded my weakness and that if that one statement made all the difference in her then only the Lord Jesus did that, see we may feel alone from time to time but His word is true and it can never lie. If He says “He will never live nor forsake us” then that’s it.

I felt humbled that the Holy Spirit used me in what I have regarded as meaningless, what I thought was small. I am grateful to be able to walk my journey of life as part of God’s plan because our God is great and no matter the task He gives  it’s all part of His great and wonderful plan that only He knows.

May we all have a blessed day🙏🏽